Popular Brands: New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain that results from excessive wear of the plantar fascia in the foot, or other defects that cause unusual pronation of the foot. Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid the flat, hard, and rough surfaces everyone has to walk that add to plantar fasciitis.
Generally, people suffer from plantar fasciitis, when the arch of the foot is under-supported or when the plantar fascia is over stretched resulting in tiny tears. The under-supported foot causes heel pain caused by the collapsed arch, flat shoes or walking or running barefoot.

Selecting the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis:

New Balance Men’s MR1123

The best shoes plantar fasciitis should provide ample support to the foot’s arch and heel to help ease the pain. A closed heel shoe will provide some support and reduce pain. However, it is advisable to use a supportive shoe that has a footbed insole and a good arch support for plantar fasciitis.

Buyers should look for the following features when searching for the best shoes for treating plantar fasciitis:

  • Slightly Elevated Heel
  • Minimal Midsole Torque (the shoe should not twist or bend in their midsole)
  • Firm Heel Counters
  • Flexion Only at the Toe Box
  • Strong Arch Support
  • Closed Heels
  • Secure Closure System

Popular Brands of Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

There are a few popular brands of shoes that have a great fit and a stylish look and are made for plantar fasciitis. Many doctors recommend Asics, New Balance, Darco, Kuru, Saucony, and some other brands. These shoes offer a stable base for pronation and better support to those who have higher arches in addition to style and durability.

    • New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis:  The New Balance is one of the most popular brands of shoes for plantar fasciitis.  They make several designs of shoes with extra features such as high quality arch support and footbed cushioning. Typically these shoes are classified as stability shoes. There are a few motion control shoes that also have a very good arch. One can also use an extra arch support insert. New Balance plantar fasciitis shoes are designed for women and men and feature EVA midsoles that absorb shock. EVA also provides comfort and protection to the forefoot.  New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, New Balance Men’s MR1123 Running Shoe,White/Navy,10 D, and New Balance Women’s W1540 Running Shoe,White/Purple,8.5 D US are good motion control shoes that are perfect for runners with a low arch who may also overpronate.This shoe relieves the stress on the user’s plantar fascia by using Abzorb SBS technology that provides more cushioning for the forefoot and heel. Other main features include a specially designed external support and a lacing system to give a tighter midfoot fit. There is also a  puffed rubber sole.

New Balance Women’s W1540

  • Kuru:  Some doctors recommend KURU shoes. These shoes have been developed by a team of experts. The shoes have innovative KuruSol foot bed that dynamically flexes inward to cup the fat pad. This flexing technology provides fat pad under the heel bone and offers an unmatched cushioning and comfort.
  • Asics Gel-Foundation 9:  This shoe is also suitable for runners who have over pronation. The high arch support lessens the strain on the plantar fascia. It has a dual density Duo-max support system, ubiquitous EVA midsole and the foam sock liner to retain the form of the foot. Asics uses a gel cushioning system in the front as well as the rear of the foot.
  • Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS:  This is a typical motion control shoe most suited for huge runners having plantar fasciitis. It is designed with a large toe box and offers extra flexibility. This shoe has an arch-locking upper to ensure a tight fit over the midsole. Its guidance design rolls the foot comfortably from the heel to toe. It has an extended post that runs along the arch to provide a better pronation control.
  • The Dsrco Night Splint:  This Darco shoe is designed to provide a precise and sustained stretch in the plantar fascia. It also gives a continued low load stretch to the flexor tendons and calf muscles. The user gets maximum comfort and compliance.

There are several other brands of good shoes for plantar fasciitis available, this is simply a short list of the most popular brands.  A podiatrist may be able to give more suggestions for specific styles including New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis, which is our top pick for running and walking shoes.